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Sturgis Eagle 75

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Working with Harley-Davidson conceptualize and create their limited edition, Sturgis 75th anniversary fine art print, Sturgis Eagle 75 was born. The painting contains a fire colored and textured version of the iconic eagle logo. This is the original painting that was used to create the 750 limited edition prints offered to the public to commemorate the Sturgis 75th Anniversary Rally by Harley-Davidson. Be the owner of this piece of the story and piece of motorcycle history.

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Product Description

Title: – Sturgis Eagle 75

Size – 48” x 60”

Description: –
Painted on climate stable wood, each work of art is museum quality and tough as nails. Hintz uses heavy-body acrylic paint formulated with 100% acrylic resin binder, resulting in an exceptionally durable paint. Every completed painting is finished and sealed with 7 layers of a varnish to form a degree of depth that further enriches the paint’s surface. Made to withstand the happenings of a biker bar, or your living room, you will want to pass this painting down to the grandkids as a long lasting investment.