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When I was a kid, the Number 1 graphic image comes to mind when thinking back to Harley-Davidson motorcycle racing. To bring us back to an image of that time and now being refreshed by Harley-Davidson today, I was inspired to paint, Number 1.

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Title: – Number 1

Size – 40” x 60”

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Painted on climate stable wood, each work of art is museum quality and tough as nails. Hintz uses heavy-body acrylic paint formulated with 100% acrylic resin binder, resulting in an exceptionally durable paint. Every completed painting is finished and sealed with 7 layers of a varnish to form a degree of depth that further enriches the paint’s surface. Made to withstand the happenings of a biker bar, or your living room, you will want to pass this painting down to the grandkids as a long lasting investment.