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Painting your passion, artist Mathew (boo) Hintz, captures the evoking passion in all enthusiasts and collectors by sculpting layers of paint into an impressionistic painting, each one illustrating the contours, details or moments in time that make it special.

Our Mission

“We Paint Your Passion,” that statement supports our mission. Hintz Studios is the artistic playground and canvas for Mathew (boo) Hintz, capturing and painting ones passion. As unique as a thumbprint, the impressionistic painting style sets his artwork apart. Hintz celebrates the craftsmanship of motorcycles, automobiles, tractors, boats, planes and trains through portraits that capture the spirit of the open road, styling details, signature chrome, custom elements, the raked-out forks of your panhead or the patina of your 1953 Ford F-100. Hintz celebrates the storied and glorious history, but also the future of the industries. Hintz has a focus on the innovation of modern motorcycles and automobiles while embracing the history that has evolved them into the iconic bikes and cars of today. Hintz also shares a passion in sports, their amazing athletes and their fans by creating paintings specializing in capturing the intense moment or triumphant feeling of the game. Hintz down to earth demeanor makes his artwork approachable and he enjoys the interaction between enthusiasts and his artwork. From original paintings, prints and posters, Mathew wants to bring his artwork into your home and enrich the life of every collector and enthusiast. His mission is to create paintings that capture the evoking passion within us by sculpting layers of paint to illustrate the details, and moments in time.