Mathew (boo) Hintz Creates the Sturgis 75th Logo For Harley Davidson

Posted by on Aug 4, 2015 in Mathew (boo) Hintz
Mathew (boo) Hintz Creates the Sturgis 75th Logo For Harley Davidson

August 3-9th, 2015 marks the 75th Anniversary of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The rally began in 1938 and the event was originally formed for stunts and races, but the event evolved into being a meeting for motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world. Harley-Davidson, it’s motorcycles and its riders has been apart of the rally since day one. Harley-Davidson was the headlining sponsor for the Sturgis 75th Anniversary and that called for extra support and branding at the event and Harley-Davidson looked to Mathew (boo) Hintz.

Hintz was honored when he was asked to put some concepts together for some graphic identity and logo development. Looking for inspiration from the original race history of Sturgis to the modern day, within a few late nights, Matt had a handful of solid concepts. Presenting the concepts to Harley-Davidson a winner was determined. That graphic was used to market Harley-Davidson and the Sturgis 75th Anniversary. The logo was also used pre rally with a limited edition t-shirt campaign. Each harley-Davidson dealership received 75 of these limited run shirts and when they were sold out they were gone, “hope you got one!”

Hintz is humbled to be able to use his talents for the commercial art and design within Harley-Davidson, allowing him to keep on the pulse of the company with emerging trends, designs and all that inspire and can be found in his fine art paintings of the worlds most iconic, Harley-Davidson Motorcycles.

Mathew Hintz